Drink Me: Adagio Teas, Almond Oolong

A few weeks ago I ordered a variety of samples from Adagio. One of the things I ordered was the Oolong Orchard sampler pack (4 teas, 2 ounces, $7).  I was very excited to try and Almond Oolong in particular.

You can purchase the Almond Oolong in a few different sizes: a half ounce sample for $2 (makes approximately 5 cups of tea), 2 ounces for $6 or a full pound for $29.

The tea is pretty pure: it contains Taiwanese Oolong tea and natural almond flavor. When I opened the package it smelled SO good – like amaretto and marzipan, nutty and sweet.

After I brewed it the aroma was milder, but still definitely almond.  The tea was sweet and nutty, very light and dessert-like. I would definitely recommend trying this one if you enjoy almond flavoring.


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I'm a 30-something California girl recently transplanted to the Midwest, where at least I have a good excuse for the enormous amounts of stash Yarrrrrrrrrn that I seem to have accumulated. I have a wonderful husband (who has hobbies and collections of his own) and a fabulous group of knitting mateys. Join me as I fumble through life and knitting!

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  1. that sounds really tasty. I am going to try one of their almond tea blends tomorrow so if I like it, next time I order i will add this to the basket. I am always leery of blending non-black teas with flavors, so this was really helpful for me to get out of my tea-comfort-zone. thanks!

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