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Teacessories: 27 Items All Tea Lovers Need

Several friends recently sent me a link to the Buzzfeed article “27 Items All Tea Lovers Need in Their Lives.”  I won’t repost the whole list here, but these were a few of my favorite items:

#17 A Mug with a Cookie Container

Lenny Mud, Panda Cookie Dunk Mug, $20.00


#22 Sugar Lace Doilies

Sweet Deja Vu, Edible Rosettes, $19.20 for a set of 12


#23 Origami Tea Bags

Figured Tea Bags by Natalie Ponomareva, $29 for a box of 25 tea bags


Drink Me: Mighty Leaf, Pear Caramel

A few weeks ago I placed an order with Mighty Leaf on the recommendation of several friends.  I enjoyed their selection and was happy to find that a few samples hitchhiked their way to me with super fast shipping. I tried to get a variety, and you can see what I’ll be trying in the next few weeks.


My only complaint with Mighty Leaf is that the loose leaf teas are only available in 4oz increments. I very much appreciate that Mighty Leaf is trying to be Eco-conscious and can minimize packaging waste this way (i.e. instead of having all different sizes and bags), however for those of us intent on trying a variety of teas it’s a lot of tea to drink just to try a sample. I guess one could sample tea bags rather than loose leaf if you just want a quick taste.

The first tea I decided to try was the Pear Caramel because it had so appealed to me in the ordering process.

From the website, the tea blend contains Washington state pears blended with Ceylon and China black tea and sweet bits of caramel.

It is available in the 4oz size for $11 and 1lb size for $38.95.

When I first opened the package I could smell the sweet pear and could see the chunks in the tea.  Once brewed I could still smell the pear, but also the caramel undertones. This was a sweet rich dessert tea and I can see why it’s one of their signature blends.  I confess I don’t know if I like it as much as David’s Tea Cranberry Pear, but I enjoyed it and have plenty more to enjoy!


Knitting: Tea and Socks

All you need is Tea and Warm Socks by Samiksha Singh


I think I have that covered:


The Mug: A custom order from Jennie the Potter

The Socks: Pablo Blue by Knitting Pixie, in yarn by Two Windows Dye Company, using Signature Needles, US 1 Stiletto

The Tea: The Republic of Tea Pomegranate Green

Drink Me: Lana’s Tea, Blueberry Black & Green

Another of the samples that I picked up from Lana’s Teas was the Blueberry Black & Green.

From the website, the tea is a blend of black and green tea leaves with blueberry and cinnamon.

It’s available in the 4oz size for $13 and sample size for $3.

When I first opened the package it smelled almost of maple syrup.  Once brewed the tea I could definitely smell the cinnamon – when I first opened the lid on my mug I thought there was apple pie in there!  The taste was mostly cinnamon with maybe a little bit of a fruit finish. It was kind of an unexpected surprise in this blend.

Art: Surgical Ceramics

Recently a friend posted a link to artist Beccy Ridsdel’s Surgical Ceramics and I was absolutely entranced.  I’m not sure how useful they would be for drinking tea, but they are fascinating to look at.

Beccy Ridsdel, Surgical Ceramics


Beccy Ridsdel, Surgical Ceramics

Beccy Ridsdel, Surgical Ceramics

Drink Me: Tea Market, Tummy Tamer

When I was in the Tea Market a few weeks ago I noticed that they carried a Tummy Tamer tea. I have a nervous stomach and I’m fairly sensitive to stomach upset, so I thought it might be a good one to try and keep in my arsenal.

From the Tea Market menu the tea is a blend of ginger, peppermint, fennel, star anise & senna, berries and rosehips.  It is available for $5.10 per ounce.

When I opened the package it was an amazing collection of smells – I could clearly pick out the peppermint, the fennel and hints of the star anise.  Once brewed I mostly smelled the peppermint.  It was definitely pepperminty as I tasted it, but I could taste hints of all the other ingredients as well. I wouldn’t have thought to put them all together, but I really enjoyed the fresh herbal taste. I can see how this would be a great tea to settle one’s stomach.

Tourism: Yarn & Tea

I just got back from a vacation to Virginia Beach. We primarily went to see family, but I managed to get in a little bit of tourism and shopping in as well.  I love picking up a little souvenir from a trip – yarn or a mug will always remind me of a wonderful vacation.

The Yarn:

A quick trip to a delightful yarn store in Virginia Beach, Virginia, The Yarn Club.  They even advertise yarn from local dyers for souvenirs! The upper yarn: ColorPurl Natural Dyed Yarn, MCN/Sock Weight in Cochneal Deep Dye.  The lower yarn: Unplanned Peacock Studio, Supwerwash Merino DK in Sunset.


The Mug:

Linn Pottery, Wheeling, West Virginia.


The Tea:

Smoke Camp Crafts, Weston, West Virginia. Appalachian Mint and Cinnamon Rosehip Blends.

Drink Me: Lana’s White Tea with Pineapple

When I was ordering some of the Snowflake Tea from Lana’s, I noticed that the shop also sells small samples of tea. You know what that means… I ordered a bunch.  Today I decided to try the White Tea with Pineapple.

From the website, White Tea with Pineapple includes white tea with flavoring and pineapple bits.  It is available in two sizes: 2oz for $13.00 and sample size for $3.00.

When I opened the package I smelled a slightly citrusy smell and I noticed the chunks of dried pineapple.  Once brewed I got a light tropical pineapple scent.  The tea itself was very mild tasting with the more delicate white tea and the pineapple- I think this would be another good iced summer blend.

I will say that I was a little bit disappointed in the sample size.  It seemed to only be enough to brew 1 – 1.5 cups of tea. I guess I’m a little spoiled by Adagio’s sample packs that cost about the same price and are enough for 2-5 cups of tea.  Lana’s sample size makes the price of a cup of tea close to $3 whereas the others are more justifiable at 60 cents to $1.50.  It seems more economical to me to buy the 2oz package, even if that means I have more tea to drink!

Crafty: Tea Time Cross Stitch

I don’t cross stitch (I have before a little and I enjoy it, but I’m running out of time for all my crafty hobbies!) but I know that several of my readers do.  My crafty friend friend Kate pointed me in the direction of a fabulous new pattern by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery that’s perfect for those who enjoy their tea:

Tea Time (cross stitch pattern), Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, $8.95

Drink Me: Lana’s Snowflake Tea

One of my favorite things about starting this blog is how many friends (and strangers!) have come out of the woodwork to tell me all about their favorite teas. One of my good knitting friends, upon hearing I was starting a tea blog, immediately brought me what she and her husband refer to as “crack tea.”

It is definitely not crack, but it is DELICIOUS. She purchases on Amazon, but I was able to purchase Snowflake Tea directly from Lana’s The Little House, along with several other delicious sounding samples.

From the website, the tea  is a very unique blend of Ceylon South India and China Black Tea with coconut flakes, almond flakes and cinnamon.

Snowflake Tea is available in a 4oz package for $11.00 or in a sample size (just a few cups worth) for $3.00.

When I first opened the package all I could smell was the toasted coconut and almonds. I love that you can see the flakes of coconut and whole slivers and pieces of almond.  Once brewed I get a whiff of the cinnamon every now and then.  This is just the perfect sweet tea for an afternoon.  And one cup just isn’t enough!