Teacessories: Kraken Me Up

I don’t know exactly why, but lately I have been fascinated by the designs featuring cephalopods.

I particularly like this Octopus Travel Mug by sewZinski:

Octopus Ceramic Travel Mug, sewZinski, $35.00

I am totally smitten with this Octopus in a Teacup print from Society6:

Octopus in a Teacup by Rachel Russel, Society6, $16.00

Looking for something subtle? How about this pair of Navy Octopus Tall Mugs by Jessica Howard:

Navy Blue Octopus Tall Mugs, Jessica Howard, $62.00

And how about a cephalopod serving piece from Second Chance Ceramics?

Octopus Cephalopod Teapot, Second Chance Ceramics, $110


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4 thoughts on “Teacessories: Kraken Me Up

  1. Lynda the Guppy April 15, 2014 — 3:51 pm

    I love the navy tall mugs! I want to put kraken tentacles on my bathroom wall when I redo the bathroom. Lol

  2. ARGH! I tried leaving a comment earlier, but it was from my phone, and…well…

    I love the Navy octopus tall mugs! When I redo my bathroom, I’m planning on adding Kraken tentacles to the walls. LOL

    1. I feel twice as loved! (also I have to approve them first!)

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