Tourism: Yarn & Tea

I just got back from a vacation to Virginia Beach. We primarily went to see family, but I managed to get in a little bit of tourism and shopping in as well.  I love picking up a little souvenir from a trip – yarn or a mug will always remind me of a wonderful vacation.

The Yarn:

A quick trip to a delightful yarn store in Virginia Beach, Virginia, The Yarn Club.  They even advertise yarn from local dyers for souvenirs! The upper yarn: ColorPurl Natural Dyed Yarn, MCN/Sock Weight in Cochneal Deep Dye.  The lower yarn: Unplanned Peacock Studio, Supwerwash Merino DK in Sunset.


The Mug:

Linn Pottery, Wheeling, West Virginia.


The Tea:

Smoke Camp Crafts, Weston, West Virginia. Appalachian Mint and Cinnamon Rosehip Blends.

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3 thoughts on “Tourism: Yarn & Tea

  1. Love all the souvenirs, but especially the mug and the do yarn. So glad you had a good trip! 🙂

  2. Lovely yarn, and I sure wish I could smell that tea!

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