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Teaccessories: Knitting Mugs

How cute are these knitting mugs from the Debbie Bliss Stitches Collection? I would love a whole set!

Duck Egg Blue Stocking Stitch Mug, Debbie Bliss, £12.95


English Mustard Double Rib Mug, Debbie Bliss, £12.95


London Red Garter Stitch Mug, Debbie Bliss, £12.95


Slate Grey Moss Stitch Mug, Debbie Bliss, £12.95


There are also tea towels and knitting totes available!


Drink Me: David’s Tea, Cool Cucumber

Another of the spring flavors I picked up in my last order from David’s Tea was the Cool Cucumber. Again it appears I’m too late to post, because now it’s only available in the Spring Sampler as one of five teas for $27.50.

From the packaging Cool Cucumber is a black tea with honeydew melon, cucumber, sunflower, and blue mallow blossoms.

When I first opened the package I could smell the cucumber and the the sweet honeydew melon.  Once brewed I could still smell both. The fragrance was pretty strong so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the taste.  However I was pleasantly surprised – it was almost like using cucumber water to brew tea. I think this one would be perfect brewed ice cold, especially for a relaxing day or time at the spa!

Teaccessories: Springtime

I feel we’ve only just gotten to spring in the last few weeks here, but already summer is knocking on our doors!  I feel like I haven’t given spring its due this season, so today I picked out a variety of spring tea accessories to share:

A Dragonfly Tea Twig by Stash Tea:

Dragonfly Tea Twig, Stash Tea, $15

Modern Botanical Insect Mugs:

Modern Botanical Insect Mugs, Pale & Interesting, £10.95 each

Arta Tea Leaf Infuser available on Amazon:

Arta Tea Leaf Infuser, Amazon, $14.99


This beautiful Hand Painted Porcelain Dandelion Mug by Witch Corner:

Hand Painted Porcelain Dandelion Mug, Witch Corner, $25.95


Snail Tea bag Holder by Soul Fun Design:

Snail Tea Bag Holder, Soul Fun Design, $16 for a set of 6


Spring Mug by Julia Delarue:

Spring Mug by Julia Delarue, 10.90 €

Drink Me: David’s Tea, Blue Lagoon

This spring David’s Tea sent out an email with some new limited time spring flavors. Now if you know me, the key to getting me to buy things is to make it a limited edition. Some of the blends sounded so good I couldn’t resist, even though my tea room overfloweth.  One of the ones that sounded delicious for summer was Blue Lagoon.

From the website, Blue Lagoon combined pineapple and blueberries with tangy lemongrass.

I just checked and it appears that you can’t even get it any more (summer collection is available now!) except as 1 of 5 teas in the Spring Collection for $27.50.

When I first opened the package I smelled the blueberries and the pineapple. It smelled tropical and lovely. Once brewed it was still a fruity scent, with the pineapple and lemongrass adding a bit of spice.  The tea tasted mostly of blueberry with notes of pineapple. It was light and sweet, perfect for an afternoon in the sunshine -too bad I’m at work right?  Now I’m dreaming of island getaways!

Teacessories: Mug Trees

As you’ve seen, my collection of mugs is steadily growing as I continue on my tea journey.  While we have some cupboard space I can devote to them, I’d rather be able to see my favorite mugs each and every day. Our counter space is a little limited, so I may store some of my mugs in my craft room. There are so many options!

For those with modern sensibilities and a modest budget, this Mug Tree Stand in Grey is available from Organize It:

Coffee Mug Tree, Grey, Organize It!, $8.99

I thought this Cast Iron Mug Tree from Bex Simon was really beautiful and different:

Cast Iron Mug Tree, Bex Simon, £40

For those wanting to dress up some wall space, there’s these beautiful Mug Trees from Fine Home Displays. I’m particularly partial to the Horizontal Tree (though they come in Vertical as well):

Horizontal Mug Trees, Fine Home Displays, $36.89

Finally, for the more traditional collector, there this Vintage Mug Stand on Amazon:

Vintage Rustic Brown Iron Mug / Cup / Glass Bottle Organizer Tree Drying Rack Stand, Amazon, $39.99


How do you organize or display your mugs?

Drink Me: Teavana, Rooibos Tropica

A few months ago, one of the members of my Wednesday night knit group brought me a sample of some Teavana Rooibos Tropica tea that she had bought her son for Christmas.  I’m happy to say that even though I’ve decided I’m not a rooibos enthusiast, this blend was really tasty!

From the website, Rooibos Tropica is a blend of red and green rooibos, peach, strawberry, and rhubarb with rose buds and marigold petals.

It is available from Teavana in the following sizes: 2oz for $5.98, 4oz for $11.96, 8oz for $23.92, 1lb for $47.84, 2lb for $143.52 and 4lb for $239.20.

When I first opened the bag I smelled a strong, sweet fruity smell.  Once brewed it still smelled fruity and tropical.   It tasted sweet – definitely of strawberries and rhubarb, with a bit of the creamy rooibos flavor beneath, but it wasn’t overwhelming. This is another one I can see as a sweet dessert tea, or an iced tea on a hot day.

See me Knit.

Last week at my weekly knitting night we started discussing Ysolda Teague’s video of designer Stephen West knitting and her challenge for others to take videos of themselves knitting and post them. Ana graciously shot a video for me and I posted it to Instagram.  Before I knew it, I had quite a few comments.

As I said in my bio, I learned to knit from my beloved Grandma Ruthie when I was very young, probably 6 or 7 years old.  I have always been strongly left-handed and my grandmother was right-handed. The best I have been able to figure she sort of coached me, and I picked up the rest by watching her knit and trying to translate it to my hands.  This means that I don’t knit like anyone else I know.  Sometimes I mirror what right-handed knitters do, and sometimes I have my own way of doing things.

Several friends and followers suggested that I post my video, and slow it down so you can see what is happening.

The first video is the original video shot by Ana at knit night:

The second video is the same video, but slowed down considerably so you can see what my hands are doing.

And the third video is one I shot of myself this past weekend, when a friend asked how I purl.

So how do you knit?

Drink Me: Adagio Teas, Tardis Blend

A second tea that my friend Ana gave me to sample was the Tardis Blend from Adagio Teas.

From the website, the tea is a blend of Earl grey and blackberry with vanilla (also included are orange peels and blue cornflowers.) I love the tiny Tardis blue flowers:

Ana’s favorite part about the Tardis blend is that rather than the usual 3oz size, you get 4oz of Tardis tea because the pouch is “bigger on the inside.”  You can get the 4oz size for $9 or a 5oz tin for $19.

When I first opened the bag I smelled the Earl grey, which almost reminded me of licorice.  Once steeped I smelled a little bit of the vanilla.  I loved that this was a slightly sweeter, fruitier Earl Grey. It was perfect for afternoon tea on an overcast day.

Teacessories: Dr. Who

I admit that I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Who, but I have friends and family who are, and I’ve been sampling Dr. Who teas so I thought I’d show you a few of the Dr. Who themed tea accessories that I’ve found when looking around.

My favorite source for Dr. Who-themed tea items is Think Geek.

They carry this delightful Tardis tea pot:

Tardis Tea Pot, Think Geek, $19.99


I know I’ve shared this link before, but if you’re only making tea for one, you could use this nifty Tardis infuser in your mug:

Dr. Who Tardis Tea Infuser, Think Geek, $19.99


If you’re looking for that special mug, you could caffeinate with the Dalek mug:

Dalek Mug, Think Geek, $24.99


I went looking for other mugs and found quite the selection.

Bow Ties are Cool:

Bow Ties are Cool, Cyberglassware, $12.00

The Doctors:

The Doctors, Society 6, $15.00

The Scarf Mug:

Fourth Doctor Scarf Travel Mug, BBC Dr. Who Shop, $23.98


And for those who are feeling a bit crafty, I found a few things for you too.

Caffeinate, for your coffee or tea press:

Caffeinate, Coffee/Tea Press pattern by Corynna Blasko, free!

Bigger on the Inside mug cozy:

Bigger on the Inside mug cozy, Knotwork Shop, $16.00


And even though it is not related to tea, Insulate:

Insulate, Hat Pattern by Amy van de Laar, free!


Drink Me: Mighty Leaf, Lychee

Another tea from Mighty Leaf that sounded interesting is the Lychee tea, so I included a bag in my last order.  From the website, Lychee is “black tea from China that is scented with the exotic lychee fruit.”

Lychee tea is available in a 4oz bag for $10.95.

When I opened the bag I smelled the strong black tea, and also a pungent slightly sour fruity smell. It didn’t smell bad, just different than anything else I have smelled. I confess I haven’t eaten lychee, so I didn’t know what I was in for!  Once brewed I could definitely smell the rich black tea, but also a light fruity scent.  I confess I’m not sure how much of the lychee I actually tasted, but I found it was a good strong afternoon tea.  I’ll have to think about blending it with some other tropical or exotic blends to bring out the flavor more.