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Drink Me: Smoke Camp Crafts, Appalachian Mint

The second tea I picked up on our road trip was Appalachian Mint, again from Smoke Camp Crafts.

Per the packaging, this tea contains mint, persimmon, strawberry, sassafras leaves and sumac berries. I purchased 3/4 oz for $3.50.

On first sniff, all I really got was sweet mint, which was fine by me. The tea was tasty, again very mild despite using a generous amount.   I think with these teas you probably want to use extra if you’re looking for a more potent brew.


Teapots & Knitting

I stumbled across this photo on Facebook last week and my mind immediately raced with possibilities. Tea and knitting all in one!  Of course one needs a second teapot to brew the tea.


Re-purposing a teapot as a yarn bowl, Photo courtesy of Duchess County Fairgrounds

Drink Me: Smoke Camp Crafts, Cinnamon Rosehip Blend

Back in April I picked up a few teas from Smoke Camp Crafts while on a cross country road trip.  Sadly they don’t have a web site, but I was able to find the linked contact information.  Today I decided to try the Cinnamon Rosehip Blend.

From the label the tea contains rosehips, lemon grass and balm, lemon peel, and cinnamon.  I purchased 1 1/2 oz for $3.50.

When I opened the container I could definitely smell the cinnamon over everything, but I think I could catch a bit of the lemon as well.  Post brewing I got whiffs of all the ingredients in there. The taste was kind of a warm soothing cinnamon.  Though I used a healthy portion, the tea didn’t brew dark and it seemed very mild-tasting; no strong flavors in this one.  Still it was nice to try tea from other regions. I still have an Appalachian Mint that I’ll be trying tomorrow!

Tea & Jewelry

Last week I posted a few of my favorite knit jewelry pieces so this week’s pieces are all related to tea!

By far my favorite are the teaspoon rings and bracelets at Dank Artistry.

April Sunflower, Dank Artistry, $22.00

Small Spoon Bracelet, Daffodils, Dank Artistry, $27.00

I also love these earrings from Amber by Graciana on Amazon:

Sterling Silver Amber Tea Kettle earrings, Amber by Graciana via Amazon, $25.00


And if you’re looking for a touch of whimsy, I love this happy teacup necklace by Mary Mary Handmade:

Happy Teacup Necklace, Mary Mary Handmade, $44.00

Drink Me: Tea Market, Tropical Green

Another tea I picked up at Tea Market while on the quest for summer teas was a Tropical Green.

The menu says that Tropical Green is green tea blended with grapefruit and passion fruit.  It’s available for $4.35 per ounce.




When I first opened the bag I smelled grapefruit and apricot.  As it brewed I smelled the green tea and lots of different tropical and citrus flavors.  The taste was mild with a bit of a tang, but definitely a tea with a summer feel. I really enjoyed this one and may add it to the list of things I want to keep in stock – a little that just keeps growing!

Knitted Jewelry

Sometimes you need a few pieces of jewelry that just fit your personality. If you’re in love with knitting and jewelry, today’s post is for you.

I adore these rings from Dafna Dagan which are labeled as woven, but look knitted to me.

“Woven” Ring, Dafna Dagan, $335.00


Perhaps you’re looking for something a little funkier like these knitting needle bangles from Bur Oak Studio:

Knitting needle bangles, Bur Oak Studio, $8.00

I think these yarn ball earring from Autumn Equinox are cute:

Yarn Ball Earrings Sterling Silver, Autumn Equinox, $24.00


If you’re looking for knitters’ jewelry that’s also functional there are these really cool stitch marker necklaces by Along the Briny Beach:

Stitch Marker Necklace, Along the Briny Beach, $30.00-$35.00

Or these beautiful sterling silver Needle Gauge Pendants from Debra’s Garden:

Needle Gauge Pendant, Debra’s Garden, $125.00


Of course if you’re feeling crafty and would like to knit some of your own jewelry, I’m in love with these kits by Laura Nelkin.

I keep putting the Mudra Cuff in my cart:

Mudra Cuff Kit (includes yarn, beads and findings; available in wool or cotton), Laura Nelkin Designs, $17.00

I’m also very tempted by Ribband:

Ribband kit (includes yarn, beads and findings), Laura Nelkin Designs, $27.00

Drink Me: Tea Market, Bora Bora.

I happened to stop into my local tea shop last week while shopping for a gift for a friend and I found that their summer teas were out! I debated for a bit but settled on trying some of a blend called Bora Bora.

The description said that it was a black tea with strawberries, raspberries, mango, papaya, apples, currants, citrus and safflower petals.  All I knew was it smelled sweet and tropical and I wanted some.  It was available for $4.35 per ounce.

The second I opened the bag all I could smell was the papaya. Once brewed I still smelled mostly papaya.  The tea itself was a little milder than I thought it would be, a good black tea tinged with fruit flavors. I really enjoyed this and am sorry it’s a limited edition – I may have to go get more before it’s gone. That and a beach vacation!

Books & Tea: BookCup

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m enjoying a cup of tea I want to curl up with a good book and escape.  These adorable BookCup book covers would be great if you’re reading a paper book!

“BookCup” Japanese Designer Mug Shaped Book Cover, KibardinDesign, $59.90

Drink Me: TeaGschwendner, Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope

I’m still sampling the teas from TeaGschwender, and today’s tea is Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope.

From the packaging, this is an autumn harvested tea resulting in a softer tea with woody undertones.

Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope is available in the following sizes: 100g for $11.93, 250g for $28.34, 500g for $50.70 and 1000g for $101.40.

When I first opened the package I smelled a pleasant, almost nutty aroma.  Once brewed it just smelled like a good strong black tea.  I really like the taste of darjeelings.  They manage to be strong tea, but not quite as bitter as some can me. This one had a really smooth finish. I think it is great as an afternoon pick-me-up, but would also love to combine it with a bit of fruit or other flavor for some fun. I do think I will prefer this one hot though.

Teaccessories: Mud Pie Ceramic Mug and Tea Spoon Sets

If you’re looking for the perfect mug and tea spoon sets, you should look no further than Mud Pie. I can’t decide which is my favorite, but I think I like Pinkies Out the best.

Mud Pie Ceramic Mug and Tea Spoon, “Pinkies Out it’s Tea Time,” Amazon, $18.50

Mud Pie Ceramic Mug and Tea Spoon, “Always in Hot Water,” Amazon, $18.50


Mud Pie Ceramic Mug and Tea Spoon, “Dressed to the Tea.” Amazon, $18.50