Drink Me: TeaGschwendner, Windy City Blend

For my birthday this year my sister got me a selection of teas from TeaGschwendner in Chicago, where she lives.


I decided to try the Windy City Blend first.  From the packaging, the Windy City Blend is a blend of seven sweet teas: black, green, oolong, osmanthus blossoms, sunflower, jasmine, rose blossoms, strawberry leaves, strawberry, caramel and vanilla bits.

The Windy City Blend is available in a variety of sizes: 100g for $11.74, 250g for $28.37, 500g for $50.77 and 1000g for $101.55.

When I opened the bag the tea smelled DELICIOUS. I could smell strawberries and vanilla.  After it was brewed it still had a sweet fruit smell.  In this case I was so pleased – the tea tasted just as good, if not better than it smelled. It’s light and fruity, and sweet. It’s a great dessert tea or mid-afternoon pick me up and I think it might even be good iced. This is going on the short list for teas to keep in stock all the time!

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