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Tour de France/Tour de Fleece 2014

Each year, during July, I love to stay home and watch the Tour de France as the cyclists bike through Europe.  At the same time, the crafty spinners have developed their own tour, the Tour de Fleece. So while I watch the bike races, I spin along at home on my spinning wheel and hope to finish lots of yarn.



Drink Me: Teavana, Berry Kiwi Colada

Another tea I received in my last order from Teavana is Berry Kiwi Colada.

From the packaging the blend includes hibiscus flowers, rosehips, kiwi, pear, candied pineapple, candied mango, carrot slices, candied tangerine, apple slices, coconut chips, lemon verbena and strawberry slices.

It is available in multiples of 2oz for $9.98 for each 2oz.

When I first opened the package I could definitely smell the kiwi and the pear. They were fruity and tangy.  One brewed, I got more of the other flavors of the fruit – it smelled more like a tropical fruit punch.  The tea did have a little kick, and was a little spicy or prickly, like the pear flavor would suggest. I really liked this one.

Teaccessories: Sheepish

To paraphrase Dr. Suess:

One sheep,

Happy Sheep Tea Bag Rest, Devon Home Company, £6.95

Two sheep,

One Little Sheep, Bugs and Monsters

Red sheep, blue sheep.

Limited edition, Close Knit Sheep teapot, Whittard of Chelsea

Drink Me: Tea is for Texas, Party on the Brazos

The second tea that my friend K. sent me in my care package was also from Tea is for Texas and is called Party on the Brazos.

From the package, the blend contains black and green teas with papaya, pineapple and mango pieces.

I found the Tea is for Texas tea at the Independence Coffee Company, but it doesn’t appear this blend is currently available on the website. I do note that most of the blends are available for $4-5 per ounce and the website says they are available at Whole Foods stores in Texas.

When I first opened the package I smelled the sweet fruits – I also thought I smelled a bit of peach in there but I could be wrong. The packaging lists other “herbs and fruits” so maybe?  Once brewing I smelled the papaya and mango.  The tea wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting, but it was very tropical tasting. Another summer favorite?


Tea & Fandom: Star Wars

I know there are many Star Wars fans out there, in particular because several of my friends have sent me links. If you dig the galaxy adventures and are a tea lover, you might try some of these.

Storm Trooper Star Wars teapot, Lenny Mud, $40.00

Calm You Must Keep, Gelert Design, $11.39

R2-tea-2 tea bag tidy, Gallons of Ink, $10.52 (also available: C-T3A-PO and Tea-wok)

Star Wars Death Star tea infuser, ThinkGeek, $19.99

Star Wars and 68 other Star Wars related tea blends,, various prices

May the force be with you!

Drink Me: Tea is for Texas, Cloud Dancer

Last week, while my husband was out of the country, my good friend K. sent me a fabulous care package and included some tea she found from Tea is for Texas.

One of the teas she sent was Cloud Dancer. From the package, the blend contains white and green tea with vanilla, pineapple and peppercorns.

I found the Tea is for Texas tea at the Independence Coffee Company, but it doesn’t appear this blend is currently available on the website. I do note that most of the blends are available for $4-5 per ounce.


When I first opened the package I smelled the vanilla and something spicy, which I assumed was the peppercorns.  After brewing I got more of the sweet pineapple smell.  The tea was super light and refreshing. I had been hoping for a bit more of the spicy peppery taste, but I didn’t get a lot of it, more just pineapple and vanilla.

Teacessories: Cute as a Button

What could be cuter than this Button Teapot from Avoca?

Avoca Buttons 6 cup Teapot, Present Days, £40.00

Mugs and other dishes also available!

Drink Me: Teavana, My Morning Mate

Another tea I purchased from Teavana in my recent order was My Morning Maté.

From the package, the tea blend contains roasted maté, red rooibos, black tea, cocoa kernels, chocolate flakes, citrus peels, cinnamon, coriander seeds and marigold petals.

It is available in multiples of 2oz for $6.98 per 2oz.

When I opened the package I smelled the rich chocolate, but also something bitter and strong, very reminiscent of coffee. Apparently maté is also marketed as an alternative to morning coffee. Once brewed I could smell the dark tea, and a bit of the rooibos.  The taste was creamy and smooth, and I mostly got the chocolate and cinnamon.  I could kind of taste the rooibos in there, and I don’t think this one is going to be a favorite, but it wasn’t bad. Remember I’m not much of a red rooibos fan, so my opinions are totally colored by that.

Teaccessories: Mugs for Grammar Nerds.

It all started with this one:

Past, Present, Future mug; Amazon; $12.99


Which led to these:

Mug, Grammar; The Virginia Shop at the Library of Virginia, $13.95 each


And this one:

Grammar geek Literally Figuratively Mug, Zazzle, $15.95


And finally there’s this one:

Correcting Your Grammar, Magnolia Lane, $12.00

Drink Me: Teavana, Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long

It’s funny because I don’t really like fresh grapefruit or grapefruit juice, but I loved the tang of Adagio’s Grapefruit Oolong, so when I placed my order from Teavana I decided to try the Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long.

From the package it contains: pink grapefruit, hibiscus, apple pieces, lemongrass, orange peel, Xue Long green tea, orange slices, strawberry pieces and marigold petals.

It’s available in multiples of 20z for $9.98 per 2oz.


When I first opened the package all I could smell was the tang of the grapefruit and the citrus peels.  I smelled the same once it was brewed.  The taste was much more balanced – it was a sweet and tangy grapefruit and hibiscus mostly. I really liked it and think it would be a great option for iced tea. I’ll have to try that!