Knittea: Ulmus and a Cup of Tea

Several weeks ago Hedgehog Fibres posted a photo on Instagram of her lovely new colorway, Teacup.

Hedgehog Fibres, Teacup


I was instantly smitten and had to have it.  What could be more perfect for me than Teacup yarn? In fact, I ordered twice, on two different bases.

Then I started looking for the perfect shawl, that would showcase the lovely yarn. I settled on Ulmus by Kirsten Kapur and paired my lovely Teacup with a skein of yarn by Colorpurl, an MCN in Dark Cochineal Cherry.

And then I knit a lot. And some more. And then a bit more. And this past weekend I was finally done.

I still love that Teacup.

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4 thoughts on “Knittea: Ulmus and a Cup of Tea

  1. Teacup yarn is perfect for you! (And lovely to boot.) Of course you couldn’t pass that up…

    1. Thanks! Now to stop myself from ordering more!

  2. Your shawl has come out lovely. I like that you’ve featured the teacup yarn instead of the red one. It shows it off well!

    1. Thank you! Yes I really wanted that one to be special.

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