Mrs. Wilson’s Knitting Circle (the fourth)

This past weekend was the fourth meeting of Mrs. Wilson’s Knitting Circle at the National World War I Museum.

The subject of this Saturday’s discussion was socks.

Man's Sock

The lecture this time was primarily about how boots and more importantly socks kept the Army’s main mode of transport, locomotion, viable.  Of particular note to our guest lecturer was the how the Army supplied and kept soldiers in serviceable socks. This meant sourcing socks, keeping them dry, and occasionally cleaning and mending them.  Who knew socks would be so important?


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I'm a 30-something California girl recently transplanted to the Midwest, where at least I have a good excuse for the enormous amounts of stash Yarrrrrrrrrn that I seem to have accumulated. I have a wonderful husband (who has hobbies and collections of his own) and a fabulous group of knitting mateys. Join me as I fumble through life and knitting!

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