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2015 Knits

At the end of the year I always like to look back at what I accomplished during the year. I have to say that this year was SO productive. I had no idea how much until I went to make a collage of my favorite items and actually tally what I knit. So for posterity, here is a bit of what I knit in 2015.

From the tallies (not all pictured) it appears I knit: 7 shawls (including one that I designed myself), 3 adult hats, 9 pairs of adult socks, 2 scarves, 4 adult sweaters, 1 blanket, 7 baby hats, 12 kid size hats, 3 baby sweaters, 3 pairs of baby socks, 1 pair of baby mittens, 15 mini mitten ornaments, 2 pairs of adult slippers, 3 toy bunnies, 1 toy Viking, 1 hot water bottle cozy, 1 teapot cozy, 1 ornament and 1 pin.  Several of the projects were in my own handspun yarn which makes them even more special to me.

I hope you have had a wonderful crafty 2015, and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings!


The Corner of Knit & Tea: Episode 68, End of the year.

Welcome to episode 68! This week I have a bunch of FO’s and a couple spins. I can’t believe it’s the end of the year!

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DrinkMe: Shang Tea, Cinnamon Wu-long

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on a work errand to a local tea shop, Shang Tea, located in Crown Center. While there, an amazing staff member offered us tastes of several different teas. The shop is very welcoming – there are tables and benches and you can come in an order a pot of tea or just sample the day’s offerings.

Although I was purchasing some supplies for work, I couldn’t resist leaving without a little goodie bag for myself, the contents of which I plan to review in the coming weeks.

Today’s tea is Cinnamon Wu-long.

From the website, this blend is 100% white tea and cinnamon.

It is available in a variety of sizes: 1oz for $12, 2oz for $22, 4oz for $42, 8oz for $84 and 1lb for $165.

When I opened the bag, this one smelled heavily of cinnamon. When I brewed it, the cinnamon smell faded somewhat and there was an almost nutty aroma from the tea.  The resulting tea was a little bit smoky, with a cinnamon aftertaste. It was far more subtle than the teas I usually drink, but I really enjoyed it.

I also have to say, I can’t wait to go back and sample some more teas! I’ll share a few more with you next time.

Spinspiration: With a little Moxie

Every year I participate in NaKniSweMo and this year was no exception. I had a rough start – I got partway through knitting a sweater that didn’t fit well and I ended up changing tracks on November 14, giving myself just two weeks to knit an entire sweater.  But I was determined to make the most of this lovely handspun, and with a bit of moxie, I rallied and finished a sweater. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

The Fiber:  Hello Yarn Merino/Silk in Waterweed

The Yarn: Handspun by me

The Sweater: Moxie Pullover by Amy Christoffers

The Corner of Knit & Tea: Episode 67, Happy Holidays!

Welcome to episode 67! This week I have a couple FO’s, a couple spins, and I talk about some cast-ons I’m excited about!

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Drink Me: Adagio Teas, Cranberry

The final holiday tea that I ordered from Adagio is their Cranberry blend.

Their Cranberry tea contains black tea, raspberry leaves, natural cranberry flavor and cranberries.

It is available in a variety of sizes: sample for $2.00, 3oz for $7.00 and 1lb for $19.00.

When I opened the package I was a little disappointed because I mostly smelled the raspberry leaves. I think raspberry is a flavor that tends to drown out other flavors, and while I like raspberry, it wasn’t what I was looking for in this tea.  I felt the same way once the tea was brewed. That said, it was a nice black raspberry tea and I did enjoy it, I just felt it wasn’t exactly what I thought I was ordering.

Craftea: Christmas Tea Trees

Last year I posted some beautiful Christmas tea wreaths and I was intent on finding another “craftea” project for this year. I found it over at Thirsty for Tea.  This DIY tutorial shows you how to make Christmas tea trees.

Christmas Tea Trees, DIY Tutorial by Bonnie Eng at Thirsty for Tea


The Corner of Knit & Tea: Episode 66, Secret Christmas knitting

Welcome to episode 66! This week I have two FO’s, some knits and spins and I talk about what’s coming up on my needles including some shhhhhhh…. secret Christmas knitting.

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  • Stash Tea, Christmas Eve
  • The Mug: The Knitting Circle by potter Anna Wright





Desk Par-Tea: Fashionable Friday with the Well Appointed Desk

A few weeks ago my knitting and tea drinking partner in crime Ana, owner of The Well Appointed Desk, asked if I would be interested in collaborating on one of her Fashionable Friday posts that would be the “corner” of office supplies and tea. Ana totally did all of the heavy lifting; my contributions were a few suggestions and one photo, but I still love the result and am thrilled to be cross-posting with her today. So I present to you, Fashionable Friday, the corner of desk and tea:

We selected some of our favorite goodies in paper,ink, tea and knitty loveliness. And hope it makes you want to settle in for the winter with all your favorites.

  • Rite in the Rain Centennial Series, available in 4 1/4″ x 6 3/4″ for $24.95 or 6 3/4″ x 8 3/4″ for $29.95 (via Rite in the Rain)
  • Season’s Pick Earl Grey Crème Vanilla 250gm packet $9.78 (via Upton Tea)
  • J. Herbin Lie de The in 30ml Bottle $11.00 (via Goulet Pens)
  • Field Notes Shenandoah $9.95 for a 3-pack (via Pen Chalet)
  • A Teacup Collection Notes: 20 Different Notecards and Envelopes $14.95 (via Amazon)
  • Ohto Needle-Point Slim Line 03 Ballpoint Pen – 0.3 mm – Gold Body $8.25 (via JetPens)
  • Lamy Logo fountain pen Nut Brown € 34,90 tax incl. (via Fontoplumo)
  • Visconti Saturno Fountain Pen – Green Lapetus, Fine $595 (via Goulet Pens)
  • Curve Teapot with Infuser 45 oz. $46 (via For Life Design)
  • Rifle Paper Co – 2016 Calendar – Coffee & Tea Calendar $34.95 (via Notemaker)
  • J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Ink Stormy Grey in 50ml Bottle $26 (via Anderson Pens)
  • De Atramentis Drinks Green Tea Bottled Ink $15.95 (via Goldspot Pens)
  • Karas Pen Co Standard Notebooks $3.33 each (via Karas Kustoms)
  • Downton Abbey Christmas Tea Bags $12.00 for a Tin of 36 Tea Bags (via Republic of Tea)
  • Velos V Paper Clips – Gold $2 (via Fresh Stock Japan)
  • What Is A Weekend Mug $17.95 (via Republic of Tea)
  • Junkies Java Jerkin Argyle Cup Sleeve Knitting Pattern Free (via Ravelry)

Not pictured but too cool not to include:

One of my absolute favorite tea companies is Adagio and I love their fandom blends. A personal favorite blend collection is “The Town we do not Speak of“. Its a collection of tea blends based on characters from the podcast, Welcome to Nightvale. My personal favorite blends are Hooded Figures, Glow Cloud, Perfect Carlos and Steve Carlsberg. The sampler set is available for $19 and includes Cecil, Perfect Carlos, The Management, The Weather, Hooded Figures and Steve Carlsberg in 0.5 oz tins. Highly recommended.

  • “Stop! Tea Time!” A3 Riso Print €18 (via Esther Aarts)
  • “Can’t we all just get oolong?” Note Card $4 (via Etsy)
  • Moleskine Passions Tea Journal $16.34 (via Amazon)
  • Oak Leaf and Acorn Ceramic Teapot by hughes pottery $90 USD (via Etsy)
  • Chronicle Books Letterpress Notebooks by Darling Clementine, Pack of 2 $17.50 (via JetPens)

Ana and I had a great time putting this together for you today and we’ll probably collaborate again in the future. If you’re an office supply, paper and planner aficionado please do check out The Well Appointed Desk for the best in new products and reviews.

Drink Me: Adagio Teas, Gingerbread

Another holiday blend I picked up in my last Adagio order was Gingerbread.

From the label this blend includes black tea, natural gingerbread flavor, cinnamon bark, orange peels and ginger root.

It is available in the following sizes: sample for $2 and 3oz for $7.

When I opened this bag I wasn’t sure what to expect. I definitely got hints of ginger and orange. Once brewed I got more of the black tea with a subtle ginger/orange aftertaste.  I had been expecting more of a sweet dessert tea, but I actually really liked this one for its subtlety. A really nice afternoon drink.