Knittea: What to knit?

Every so often I find a new pattern that is wonderful for tea lovers. This one came across my Instagram feed a few days ago and is by the lovely Isabelle of Fluffy Fibers.  She just published the lovely My Cup of Tea Mitts.

My Cup of Tea Mitts, pattern by Fluffy Fibers, free on Ravelry

These lovely mitts are based off of Robin Lynn’s My Cup of Tea Socks.

My Cup of Tea Socks, pattern by Robin Lynn, free on Ravelry

Now I know this blog is mostly for tea, but I must mention the new collection of coffee inspired patterns, Coffee with C.C. by C.C. Almon.  Occasionally a girl needs a latte right?

Caramel Latte Socks, pattern from Coffee with C.C. by C. C. Almon, $5.50 for the individual pattern or $16.00 for the full book of 7 patterns.

1 thought on “Knittea: What to knit?

  1. Those mitts look lovely! I have made the socks – if the mitts are as delightful to knit then they will be great!

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