A Very Buffalo Christmas.

As some of you know, I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas.  However, when I married my husband I was adopted into his family’s Christmas customs.

Since I don’t have a collection of Christmas ornaments for our tree, I decided that I would build our collection with intent, making each ornament special.  Every year I buy an ornament that corresponds to our wedding anniversary. For the 7th anniversary (last year), the Hallmark traditional gift is iron. I perused Amazon and Etsy and I found a wrought iron buffalo ornament that I liked; we had just been on a long vacation to Yellowstone and seen tons of buffalo. So I ordered it.

Imagine my surprise when it arrived and it wasn’t a tree ornament, but over a foot wide, and at least 8” tall.

My husband suggested I knit our buffalo a Christmas sweater. This is the result.

When knitting a sweater for a buffalo, short rows for the hump are a must.

The Pattern: Heavily adapted from A Tiny Flock of Sweaters for Good by Susan B. Anderson

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3 thoughts on “A Very Buffalo Christmas.

  1. a nice mini jacket. where is the buffalo kept?

    1. Currently he hangs on a nail in the wall in the dining room!

  2. What fun! Very clever. One of the great things about holidays is the way traditions develop – with sometimes surprising results. Thanks for showing us.

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