Snug as a Mug

I’m excited to announce that I published my second pattern on Ravelry today!

Snug as a Mug is a mug sock that keeps your tumbler cozy and warm. I was inspired when I saw fellow knitters take a Starbucks Stainless Steel Create Your Own Tumbler and their favorite fingering weight yarn (stripes and speckles galore) and create their own unique mugs. Since I love all things at the intersection of knitting and tea, this was a must!

Snug as a Mug calls for 15-20 grams of fingering weight yarn – perhaps some sock leftovers or a bit of that precious skein you’ve been hoarding?

Snug as a Mug is available on Ravelry for $1.99.

The Starbucks tumblers I used appear to be out of stock right now, but were purchased through the Starbucks store online. I’ve already ordered a few other models to try and will post updates as soon as I test them!

Or, if you’d prefer to skip the knitting and treat yourself, there are a few available now in my Etsy shop.


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2 thoughts on “Snug as a Mug

  1. I was thinking about attempting to make one of these for myself, and you have saved me the trouble of working out the maths! Great pattern Laura – thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for purchasing and I’m so glad you like it. Can’t wait to see yours!

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