TDF 2017: The second half.

When I last left off on my Tour de Fleece post, I had finished 3 spins. I was able to complete 2 more before my tour ended.

Next up on the wheel was a set of batts that I had carded together out of a Spectrum Kit from Art Club in blues.

This was a full 8 oz of fiber (Merino, Romney and Corriedale) and I ended up with 668 yards of a sport to light DK weight yarn.  Its probably a medium softness, but I think it would make a great shawl or a sweater yoke.

My final spin for the tour was another braid from Hello Yarn, Falkland wool in the Like Berries on a Bush colorway. This colorway was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of spinning it.

I ended up with 399 yards in this 4.1 oz skein.  I think this one would be perfect for socks.

Overall I ended the tour spinning 24.5 oz of fiber and over 2000 yards. This isn’t quite as much as in previous years, but I’m still pleased with what I got done.

In a bit of post-Tour news, I got a bit of a boost yesterday when Ravelry published their Tour de Fleece round up and a skein of my yarn was featured in the article!

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