2017 Knits and Spins

Each year I like to do a little retrospective on the year’s knits and spins.  I actually felt like I was a little less productive this year. I don’t know if it’s because I knit bigger projects, or just didn’t move as fast. I do know that my spinning mojo took a hit towards the latter half of the year and I didn’t get through as much as I usually do.

The Knits

This year’s tally looks like this:

  • Hats: 27 (including baby hats)
  • Adult Socks: 11 pairs
  • Washcloths: 7
  • Kids’ Socks: 4 pairs
  • Kids’ Sweaters: 6
  • Adult Sweaters: 2
  • Slippers: 3 pairs
  • Cowls: 6
  • Baby Blankets: 1
  • Shawls: 4
  • Mittens/Mitts: 4 pairs
  • Miscellaneous: 3

I’ve added my favorite nine below:

2017 Top 9 Knits

The Spins

My goal for the past several years has been to spin 52 – 4 ounce bumps of fiber for a total of 13 lbs of fiber a year (basically one bump a week).  In the last several years I have made this goal, and in many cases exceeded it.  This year I came in just shy at 12.6 lbs.

These are a few of my favorite spins:

2017 Fave Spins

Stay tuned until next week when I’ll share some of my crafting goals for 2018!

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1 thought on “2017 Knits and Spins

  1. Ooo…love the turquoise, red and white spins!

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