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Recently I have been getting more into fountain pens and inks.  So I was excited to try and participate in this year’s Inktober challenge.

Originally I thought I would just practice my penmanship and use a different ink color every day of the month. But then I read the actual initiative and realized I was supposed to DRAW in ink each day. My drawing skills … well…. erm… leave a bit to be desired.  But in for a penny, in for a pound. Away we go.

The first week looks like this:

#inktober Playing with flourishes. #flourish #thoreau #organicsstudio #waldenpond

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I realized yesterday that the point of #inktober is to draw. So I drew. #ivy

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#inktober2017 Getting a bit more adventurous. #pensandink #ajisai

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It would have been a better idea if the ink were lavender. #inktober #lavenderblack #pensandink

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#inktober Lucky (#7) Orange

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So far my favorite is either the Ajisai (Hydrangea) or the Vert Olive (Olive Green).

If you’re interested in seeing what other pen and ink people are up to, check out the #inktober tag on Instagram!


Arttea: Moving House Essentials

I saw this cute illustration on Instagram yesterday. Now if only there were a knitted sock or a garter stitch scarf in there, it would be perfect!


Artea: A teacup, step by step.

Many thanks to Ana over at the Well Appointed Desk for forwarding me this beautiful tutorial on illustrating teacups by Liz Steel.

Artea: The Taxonomical Tea Box

This beautiful art was sent to me by my friend Bob from Skylab Letterpress.

You can purchase your own copy at Pop Chart Lab for $18 and up.

Art-tea: Rebecca Jones

I was browsing Pinterest looking for tea and knitting and I came across the tea art of Rebecca Jones. What’s not to love?

DIY: Cocoon Hanging Seat

I can’t think of anyplace I’d rather be with my book or my knitting and a cup of tea. Do you think I could make one in my size?

Cocoon Hanging Seat via Craft Passion

Wear your tea.

This morning my knitting and tea partner in crime Ana sent me a link to these delightful teapot leggings:


Teapot Leggings by Kim Ver Vuur, available at for $49.40

I totally need a pair for lounging around. You can also get her delightful teapot and teacup designs on a variety of merchandise. Check it out!

Tea Cake

I was blown away by this cake designed by Celebrity Cakes by Janeth:

Celebrity Cakes by Janeth

Arttea: Illustrations and Lilla Rogers.

Lilla Rogers is an illustrator and head of an agency that represents other illustrators and artists. Each year she hosts a Global Talent Search which is a contest, the winner of which receives representation by the agency.

A few weeks ago Ana turned me on to some of the tea themed entries in the competition over the years.

Fancy a Brew, Lilla Rodgers Competition Entry                   Artist: Loren Grosvenor

Teacup, Artist: Rebecca Jones

Bird Canisters, Artist: Flora Waycott

Welcome Home, Artist: Rebecca Jones

Tea & Normality

A Cup of Tea, M. Aller on Pinterest