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Arttea: Moving House Essentials

I saw this cute illustration on Instagram yesterday. Now if only there were a knitted sock or a garter stitch scarf in there, it would be perfect!


Artea: A teacup, step by step.

Many thanks to Ana over at the Well Appointed Desk for forwarding me this beautiful tutorial on illustrating teacups by Liz Steel.

Artea: The Taxonomical Tea Box

This beautiful art was sent to me by my friend Bob from Skylab Letterpress.

You can purchase your own copy at Pop Chart Lab for $18 and up.

Art-tea: Rebecca Jones

I was browsing Pinterest looking for tea and knitting and I came across the tea art of Rebecca Jones. What’s not to love?

DIY: Cocoon Hanging Seat

I can’t think of anyplace I’d rather be with my book or my knitting and a cup of tea. Do you think I could make one in my size?

Cocoon Hanging Seat via Craft Passion

Wear your tea.

This morning my knitting and tea partner in crime Ana sent me a link to these delightful teapot leggings:


Teapot Leggings by Kim Ver Vuur, available at for $49.40

I totally need a pair for lounging around. You can also get her delightful teapot and teacup designs on a variety of merchandise. Check it out!

Tea Cake

I was blown away by this cake designed by Celebrity Cakes by Janeth:

Celebrity Cakes by Janeth

Arttea: Illustrations and Lilla Rogers.

Lilla Rogers is an illustrator and head of an agency that represents other illustrators and artists. Each year she hosts a Global Talent Search which is a contest, the winner of which receives representation by the agency.

A few weeks ago Ana turned me on to some of the tea themed entries in the competition over the years.

Fancy a Brew, Lilla Rodgers Competition Entry                   Artist: Loren Grosvenor

Teacup, Artist: Rebecca Jones

Bird Canisters, Artist: Flora Waycott

Welcome Home, Artist: Rebecca Jones

Tea & Normality

A Cup of Tea, M. Aller on Pinterest

What time is it?

Tea Art Print Retro Clock Teatime o’clock, Stig by myretronest, $24.00

Portal de arte Sanato

Vintage Teapot Clock from Etsy

Keep Calm It’s TEA TIME SOMEWHERE Print 11×14, PosterPop, $14.95

It’s Tea Time, Urban Outfitters, $10