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Drink Me: Tea Time Scottsdale, Raspberry Beret

Another tea my friend Liz brought me from Tea Time Scottsdale was Raspberry Beret.

From the package, Raspberry Beret is a green tea with raspberries and pink and white cornflower blossoms.

When I opened the package, I got the undeniable aroma of raspberries.  Once brewed I got more of the green tea scent.  I was a little disappointed that the raspberry flavor wasn’t stronger, because I felt it competed a little bit with the green tea. That said, it was light and would probably be delicious as an iced tea during the summer months.

Drink Me: Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, Smith Teamaker Sampler

When I placed my last order with Churchmouse Yarns & Teas I was excited to see that they had a Steve Smith Teamaker Sampler.  So far I’ve enjoyed the Steve Smith teas I have tried, but it’s always nice to get to try a bunch of teas without buying 4oz of each before you know what they taste like.

The Smith Teamaker Sampler is “a thirteen-cup tour of Steve’s best blends” and includes selections of black, green and herbal teas. I’ve already shared a few with friends, but I decided to take the rest of the pack to work and work my way through it.

The Smith Teamaker Sampler is available for $14.00.

The first tea I decided to try was the Kandy blend. This boasts a blend of Ceylon teas. This one was very mellow and smooth. It was a strong black tea without being bitter. It was a great afternoon treat.

The second tea I tried was the Mao Feng Shui green tea blend. This one can potentially “improve your outlook on life.”  This one was very light and fresh. I found it a lovely start to my day.

Overall, I can highly recommend trying a sample pack.  The only problem I have is deciding which ones to order again!

Drink Me: Republic of Tea, Organic Strawberry Basil Green Tea

I decided with summer rapidly approaching (we’re already getting the humidity!) it was time to check out some iced teas.  I placed an order with Republic of Tea, eager to try their Organic Strawberry Basil Green Tea blend.

From the label, Strawberry Basil contains organic green tea, organic apple, organic sweet blackberry leaves, organic basil, organic lemon balm, natural strawberry flavor and organic strawberry bits.

It is available in a tin which contains 8 pouches (to make 8 quarts of tea) for $7.99.

When I opened the tin it smelled like fresh strawberries – a scent that only grew as I brewed the tea.  I added just a bit of sugar and it tastes delightful. I don’t get a lot of the basil or the lemon balm, but I do get plenty of strawberry goodness. The tea is light, fruity and a bit sweet and I think it will make a delightful addition to my summer iced tea rotation.

Spinspiration: Tropical


The Fiber: Southern Cross Fibre, Polwarth/Tencel in Triumph

The Tea: Harney & Sons, Tropical Green

The Mug: Pottery Mug from Emburr on Etsy

The Yarn: Handspun by me, for sale in my shop!

Drink Me: Stash Tea, Holiday Sampler

Another item I ordered from Stash Tea a couple of weeks ago was the holiday sampler which features three teas: Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning and White Christmas.

The holiday sampler (30ct) is available for $5.95.


Christmas Eve: Christmas Eve tea contains cinnamon, orange peel, spearmint, vanilla extract, orange oil, cinnamon and clove flavor. You can also purchase it individually in a variety of sizes.  When I first opened the package I smelled both the sweet and the spicy – I could easily pick out the spearmint and the cinnamon.  The taste was a little bit of everything, but the cinnamon featured the most prominently. This was a beautiful spicy holiday tea and I really enjoyed it!

Christmas Morning: Christmas Morning is a blend of black and jasmine green teas. I really like jasmine green so I was interested to see what this one would be like. I have to say that I didn’t really taste or smell the jasmine green. Mostly this was just a good black tea, which is excellent as a breakfast blend.  Of the three in the holiday sampler, this was probably the least interesting to me, only because I have a wealth of good black breakfast brews.

White Christmas: White Christmas is white tea with peppermint and ginger. I didn’t taste much of the ginger, but it was a good peppermint tea. Definitely holiday themed!

Drink Me: Argo Teas, Jasmine Green Tea

The next blend included in the Argo Teas sampler was Jasmine Green Tea.

From the website, the blend is green tea with jasmine blossoms.

The tea is available in a 4.4oz canister for $14.95.

There’s something about jasmine tea that I’ve always liked. I don’t know whether it’s the fragrance that makes me think of hot summer nights or if there’s just something exotic about it, but I really like it. When I opened the package I could immediately smell the jasmine and that stayed throughout the brewing process.   The tea was a light green with that lush jasmine taste. I added a bit of sugar and it was delicious. I also think I would like it iced, though I understand that might not be for everyone.

Drink Me: Argo Tea, Green Tea Cinnamon Orange

Another blend I picked up in Chicago a few weeks ago was Argo Tea‘s Cinnamon Orange Green Tea blend.

From the website, the blend contains green tea, orange peel, cinnamon, safflower, blue mallow, sunflower petals, orange and clove flavors.

It is available in a 3.5oz canister for $9.95.

When I opened this one it smelled deliciously of cinnamon and orange. That only grew as I brewed it.  The taste was spicy; cinnamon and clove intertwined.  The green tea was mild, and not at all grassy.  This was great hot and I think it would be wonderful iced. It also made me think of fall and holidays with the spice palate – it would be great in the winter.

Drink Me: Tea Emporium, Sweet Lemon Green Tea

A while back a reader suggested that I give The Tea Emporium a try.  As I was running low on teas to review, I placed an order a few weeks ago. It arrived quickly from Canada and the first one I decided to try was the Sweet Lemon Green Tea.

From the site, the blend contains Japanese green tea with lemon peel and lemongrass.

It is available in a variety of sizes: 50g for $7.25, 100g for $14.50, and 250g for $32.63.

When I opened the package the tea smelled sort of like sweet grass. I could see the big lemon chunks.  While brewing I got more of the lemon aroma.  When brewed it was very light and sweet. I enjoyed it as a hot tea, but I think it would make a really great summer iced tea. I think I’ll have to try that at home!

Drink Me: Capital Teas, Chesapeake Sunrise

When I purchase teas from a tea shop, online or otherwise, I like trying the “local” blend. In this case it was Capital Teas Chesapeake Sunrise blend.

From the website, the blend contains: green Tea, black Tea, orange peel, jackfruit, and almond.

It is available a variety of sizes: 2oz for $7.00, 4oz for $14.00, 8oz for $26.60, 1lb for $50.40, and 2lbs for $95.20.


When I first opened the package I could smell the almond and something fruity and rich. As it brewed I could smell more of the delicate green tea.  The result was a light tea with hints of floral notes and almond.  This would be a nice dessert tea, or a sweet morning start.

Drink Me: David’s Tea, Cherry Blossom

I was watching a knitting podcast a few weeks ago (I confess I forget which one it was) and the host mentioned she was drinking some Cherry Blossom tea, a seasonal blend from David’s Tea. I was very curious about this blend, and popped over to David’s Tea and ordered a bag. I can’t say enough good things about their shipping – it came from Canada and was in my hands in just a few days!

From the packaging, the blend contains green and white tea, cherries, coconut, and rosebuds.

It’s available in the following sizes: 50g for $11.75, 100g for $23.50, 250g for $58.75, and 500g for $117.50.

When I first opened the bag it smelled heavenly – I could smell the sour cherry and almost a fruity, heady blossom smell. I could also see whole cherries, big chunks of coconut and rose petals. While brewing I got flashes of white and green tea, and milder smells. The tea itself was very light and refreshing with hints of cherry and coconut. I really enjoyed it hot, but I think it would be excellent iced as well.  I’m so glad I checked this one out and I suspect it will be on my order each spring!