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America’s Working Tea Plantation

In the past, I have mentioned that I subscribe to The Salt, a food newsletter from NPR, and often find inspiration in their Tea Tuesday posts.

This week the post was about America’s only commercial tea plantation, the Charleston Tea Plantation, owned by the Bigelow Tea Company. Check out the article here!

The “Green Giant” mechanical tea harvester; photo credit: The Salt



Holiday Gifts: Advent

One thing I have noticed this year is a number of new advent calendars geared towards my favorite interests!

I missed out on nabbing a David’s Tea Advent Calendar, but I am drooling over the possibilities! I must remember this for next year.


David’s Tea, Advent Calendar 2015, $40

Quite a bit more pricey, but ever so incredibly lovely is the Fortnum & Mason Wooden Advent Tea Calendar.


Fortnum & Mason Wooden Advent Tea Calendar,  125.00 BP


In the yarn category, a lot of podcasters went for the Opal Advent Calendar – 24 little balls of Opal sock yarn.


Opal Advent Calendar, Love Knitting, $85.00

Do you have an advent calendar? If so, what is yours filled with?



In-tea-resting: Tea Tuesdays.

Earlier this week, a fan of the podcast sent me a wonderful link from The Salt, an NPR blog for eating and health, food and foodies, and what’s on your table.  It appears that The Salt will now feature tea stories:

With this story, we introduce Tea Tuesdays, an occasional series that will explore the science, history, culture and economics of this ancient brewed beverage.

The first article explores The Chemist-Tea of Pouring the Perfect English-Style Cuppa.

NPR, The Salt, The Chemis-Tea Of Pouring The Perfect English-Style Cuppa

Head on over to find your perfect cuppa!

20 Ways to Use Tea

I was browsing Pinterest last week when I stumbled across this article.

I’m not sure any of these will actually work, but I was intrigued.

#1. Relieve Tired Eyes: Spending too  many late nights indulging your night owl or too much time in front of a computer screen?  Get rid of the puffiness and aching eyes by places tea bags soaked in warm water on your eyes.  Leave for 20 minutes.

#3. Sunburn Relief: Take the sting out of painful sunburns with a soaked and cooled tea bag or add tea bags to a bath to take the sting out of widespread burns.  This can help relieve other types of burns too!

#10. Tenderize Tough Meat: Earl Grey will work overtime and English Breakfast will help out with dinner using this trick.  Steep black tea in hot, but not boiling, water for five minutes.  Add brown sugar until it dissolves.  Then pour over seasoned meat and bake in the oven until it falls off the fork.