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Wood Sorrel

I initially unveiled Wood Sorrel a few weeks ago when I wrote my review of Mountain Meadow Wool Alpine but I am delighted to report that my it is now available for purchase on Ravelry.

Wood Sorrel is a squishy eternity loop cowl that I was inspired to knit after I found a beautiful leaf chart. I wanted a simple lace that would show off the hand-dyed yarn, and a style that would be fun to wear.

Many thanks to my test knitters and to Laura Chau for technical editing.

Please check out Wood Sorrel on Ravelry!




I’m excited to announce that as of today, I have a new pattern on Ravelry: Raishan.

Raishan is a baby blanket with a stitch pattern that resembles dragon scales. It is the perfect gift for a new young prince or princess ready for fairy tale adventures with castles and dragons.

I was inspired to knit this design because some dear friends of ours are having a special little someone in the next couple of months. They elected not to find out the gender before the birth, and chose to outfit the nursery in fairy tale castles and dragons.  When they told me about the dragons I had grand ideas of dragon scales.

While I mulled over and tested many stitch patterns, ultimately I settled on a Dragon Skin lace pattern from the Barbara Walker Treasuries, my knitting bibles.  I did some swatching, and added garter borders and had a blanket I loved.

I chose Cascade 220 Superwash in colorway 1919, Turtle, for the yarn.  I specifically selected Cascade 220 Superwash because I love how durable it is, especially for children’s items which will need frequent washing and easy care (by tired parents).  I didn’t want this to be an heirloom blanket, but rather one that could be used on the floor, or over a car seat or stroller.  I ended up wishing that the Turtle was a slightly brighter color, but I do think it was a good “dragon” green and will match the grey and green decor of the intended nursery.

I named the pattern Raishan after the fierce green dragon of the Chroma Conclave in the popular Dungeons & Dragons game Critical Role.

Raishan is now available on Ravelry for $5.00 and includes both written and charted instructions for the stitch pattern.  Many thanks to Sarah Walworth for technical editing.

Snug as a Mug v2

Last week I released my first paid pattern on Ravelry, Snug as a Mug, for a cozy for a Starbucks tumbler.

Of course (Murphy’s Law), as soon as I released the pattern, the Starbucks’ store page for the Stainless Steel Create Your Own Tumbler went from “out of stock” to totally gone. I had quite a few people ask me what might be a good substitute.

I ordered a few tumblers from Amazon and the one I liked the best was the Make It Your Own (MIYO) 16oz tumbler.

This tumbler is a bit shorter and wider than the Starbucks tumbler, and the bottom piece actually attaches to the stainless steel tumbler, so the cozy needs a hole in the bottom to accommodate. I’ve re-released the pattern (and sent updates to anyone who bought it before now) and included instructions for how to knit cozies for both tumblers.

Go forth and COZIFY!

And again, if you would rather #treatyoself, there are a few more in the shop!

Snug as a Mug

I’m excited to announce that I published my second pattern on Ravelry today!

Snug as a Mug is a mug sock that keeps your tumbler cozy and warm. I was inspired when I saw fellow knitters take a Starbucks Stainless Steel Create Your Own Tumbler and their favorite fingering weight yarn (stripes and speckles galore) and create their own unique mugs. Since I love all things at the intersection of knitting and tea, this was a must!

Snug as a Mug calls for 15-20 grams of fingering weight yarn – perhaps some sock leftovers or a bit of that precious skein you’ve been hoarding?

Snug as a Mug is available on Ravelry for $1.99.

The Starbucks tumblers I used appear to be out of stock right now, but were purchased through the Starbucks store online. I’ve already ordered a few other models to try and will post updates as soon as I test them!

Or, if you’d prefer to skip the knitting and treat yourself, there are a few available now in my Etsy shop.