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Knit Me: Zambra, Louet Spring 2016 Collection

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the folks over at Stitchcraft Marketing to see if I would be interested in knitting something from the Louet Spring 2016 Collection featuring their Euroflax yarn.  I browsed the collection and requested to knit either Zambra by Susanna IC or Tallahassee by Kristen TenDyke.

Louet generously sent me the Zambra pattern and my choice of Euroflax colors to knit the pattern. I selected Crabapple, Soft Coral and Champagne.

Zambra is actually two shawl patterns by Susanna IC.  The first is a crescent shawl that is knit using three colors/three skeins.  The second is a rectangular stole knit using similar pattern stitches and two skeins of one color.  I opted to knit the crescent version.

The pattern is impeccably written including written instructions and charts. The format took a bit of getting used to as the patterns of stitches needed for both the crescent and the stole are in the middle of the instructions, but once I figured it out it was clear sailing.  The crescent shawl makes use of a number of needle sizes, starting with smaller needles, and switching to larger needles as you move to the lace sections. This means that the outer edges of the shawl are nice and open and airy.

The Euroflax itself was very nice to work with.  Although it isn’t super soft, it is well spun and not too splitty.  I was most intrigued by the finishing directions: the labels instruct that once you finish your garment you should put it in the washer, and if you so desire, the dryer to soften the linen. I do know that linen gets softer with each wash and wear over time.  After running a test swatch through the washer and dryer, I went ahead and ran my shawl through the whole cycle twice and the shawl is indeed much softer and has more drape after the treatment. I finished with a spray block to open the lacework.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this item and look forward to shopping for Tallahassee for a summer knit. The only question is, with so many great colors, how will I choose which to use?

A special thank you to Stitchcraft Marketing and the folks at Louet who sent me the pattern and accompanying yarn (retail: $85.35) for free. I received no other compensation for this review. All opinions and photos are my own.


The Corner of Knit & Tea: Episode 65, Tubey or not Tubey

Welcome to episode 65! This week I have some FO’s, some WIPs, and a new product to review!

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Knit Me: A Good Yarn exclusive Cabbage Key

Not too long ago the folks at Stitchcraft Marketing and A Good Yarn, a yarn store in Sarasota, Florida, contacted me to see if I would be interested in a skein of one of their exclusive colorways. Of course I said yes!

A Good Yarn is owned by Susan and her husband Murray.  Murray is a diver and takes amazing photos of sea creatures which they then turn into exclusive colorways for their yarn shop.  The color they sent me, Cabbage Key is based on the following photo:

Nembrotha Cristata, Susan & Murray Post, A Good Yarn

I took this photo while diving with my son Michael in the Solomon Islands, of a Nembrotha Cristata nudibranch. Nudibranchs are shell-less snails. They all have gills on their backs and a pair of antenna. This particular nudibranch was about an inch or so long and crawling among one of its food sources, some small coral polyps. Some of its more common names are Crested Nembrotha, Cabbage Nudibranch, and Cabbage Patch Nudibranch, which is how this colorway has got its name, Cabbage Key!

Cabbage Key is dyed by Lorna’s Laces on their Shepherd Sock base exclusively for A Good Yarn.

Because the yarn was variegated, I wanted to select a pattern to minimize pooling, so I decided to knit Monkey by Cookie A. and call my socks Sea Monkey.

I was pleasantly surprised that the yarn more or less striped!

I really enjoyed knitting these socks. One of the first pairs of socks I ever knit was on the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock base, and they have held up so well (9+ years and going strong) so I’m super excited to have another durable pair in the sock drawer.  The colors are so fun and wild – just what I like about socks.  The yarn itself was a pleasure to knit – smooth and soft and just one more row until the next stripe, right?


My only negative is that unfortunately I found one knot in the skein, however, industry standard is up to 2 knots per skein, so while disappointing, this doesn’t indicate anything about the quality of the yarn.

I can’t wait for the weather to get cool so I can wear my new socks. And you can bet I’ll be checking out some of the other exclusive colorways at A Good Yarn!


A special thank you to Stitchcraft Marketing and the folks at A Good Yarn who sent me this yarn (retail: $28.00) for free. I received no other compensation for this review. All opinions and photos are my own, except where indicated.