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Drink Me: Teavana, Oprah Chai

Last year for my birthday I received a gift card to Teavana from a generous co-worker.  I’d been sitting on it for a while, trying to decide what to order.  A few weeks ago I got an email advertising a sale on quite a few teas so I decided to bite the bullet and order some. On the list of things I wanted to try was the world famous Oprah Chai.

Oprah Chai contains cinnamon, black tea, ginger, carob pieces, pepper, chicory root, red rooibos, cloves and cardamom.  It is available in 2oz increments for $14.98.


When I first opened the package I was blown away by the chicory root and all the intense aromas. While brewing however, I could smell each more distinctly.  I didn’t add honey or milk to mine, but I have to admit it was a nice strong chai with a good full spicy flavor.  I’m sometimes skeptical of products that carry celebrity names, but this was a good tea and I would definitely buy it again.

I’ve been thinking of taste testing to find the best chai, much like I did for Earl Grey a while ago. Stay tuned for that in the coming months!



Drink Me: Stash Tea, Maple Apple Cider

About a week ago someone I follow on Instagram posted a photo of Maple Apple Cider tea from Stash Tea. Since I’ve been enjoying lots of seasonal and holiday flavors, I immediately went over to Stash and purchased some!

From the website, the ingredients include hibiscus, rooibos, cinnamon, apple, caramel and maple flavors.

It is available in variety of sizes: 30 ct teabags for $5.45, 90 ct for $14.95, 150 ct for $22.95 and 240 ct for $34.95.

Now normally I do have a preference for loose leaf tea, but I do drink quite a bit of tea from tea bags and you really can’t beat them for convenience, so I’m never opposed to purchasing that way.

When I opened the first tea bag all I got was a delicious whiff of maple.  Once brewed I got more of the hibiscus and the apple flavors. I admit that until I looked at the ingredient list, I didn’t realize there was rooibos in this blend. That’s a plus for me (I don’t really care for it), but could be a detractor if that’s what you’re looking for. Overall this gets the thumbs up and I plan to enjoy the rest of the box (and share with friends!)

Drink Me: SerendipiTea, Buccaneer

A few weeks ago a fellow tea drinker gave me a little box from SerendipiTea of their Buccaneer tea.

From the site, the blend contains: apple, cacao beans, chocolate bits, coconut, cream flavor, Indian black tea, Rooibos, vanilla and white chocolate bits.

Buccaneer is available in a variety of sizes: 0.5oz sample bag for $2.50, 1oz tin for $5.00, 4oz box for $10.00 and 1lb bulk bag for $35.00.

I had thought this would be tea bags, but inside a little box was a little bag of tea.  I could smell the cocoa and the chocolate and, unfortunately for me, the Rooibos. I’ve covered in past posts that I’m just not a Rooibos fan. Once it was brewed I could smell a bit of the apple. However I was pleasantly surprised by the blend.  It was creamy, but smooth. I think the black tea mostly masked the Rooibos and I could taste hints of chocolate and coconut. I’m not sure it will be a favorite, but it was nice to try a drink fit for a pirate!

Drink Me: Teavana, Blueberry Bliss/Pineapple Kona Pop!

The final tea I received in my Teavana order was a sample of Blueberry Bliss/Pineapple Kona Pop.

From the packaging, the blend contains rock sugar, apple pieces, green rooibos, blueberries, candied pineapple, raisins, black currants, rosehip peels, beetroot pieces, hibiscus flowers, rose blossom leaves, rosebuds, marigold blossoms, and orange blossoms.

It is available in a 4oz size for $13.96.

When I opened the packet I could smell the blueberry and the pineapple. Once brewed it definitely had a berry smell with sweet pineapple a hint of the rose as well.  It wasn’t quite as sweet as I thought it would be, but it was really refreshing, even hot. A good fruity afternoon break.

Drink Me: Teavana, My Morning Mate

Another tea I purchased from Teavana in my recent order was My Morning Maté.

From the package, the tea blend contains roasted maté, red rooibos, black tea, cocoa kernels, chocolate flakes, citrus peels, cinnamon, coriander seeds and marigold petals.

It is available in multiples of 2oz for $6.98 per 2oz.

When I opened the package I smelled the rich chocolate, but also something bitter and strong, very reminiscent of coffee. Apparently maté is also marketed as an alternative to morning coffee. Once brewed I could smell the dark tea, and a bit of the rooibos.  The taste was creamy and smooth, and I mostly got the chocolate and cinnamon.  I could kind of taste the rooibos in there, and I don’t think this one is going to be a favorite, but it wasn’t bad. Remember I’m not much of a red rooibos fan, so my opinions are totally colored by that.

Drink Me: Teavana, Peachberry Jasmine Sutra

Another tea I added to my last order from Teavana is the Peachberry Jasmine Sutra.  Since I love both peaches and jasmine tea I hoped this would be a winner.

From the label, Peachberry Jasmine Sutra contains Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls green tea, green rooibos, hibiscus flowers, apple pieces, rosehip peels, peach pieces, kiwi pieces, strawberry pieces and marigold petals.

The tea is available in multiples of 2oz for $9.98 per 2oz.

When I first opened the package I smelled sweet peach, with a hint of jasmine underneath.  Once brewed, the jasmine overshadowed the other scents.  The taste was a pleasant mix of the two. The tea wasn’t as sweet as I had hoped – it’s definitely a bit more tart, but the jasmine was very nice. And neither here nor there, but I’m fascinated with the jasmine pearls!

Drink Me: Teavana, Rooibos Tropica

A few months ago, one of the members of my Wednesday night knit group brought me a sample of some Teavana Rooibos Tropica tea that she had bought her son for Christmas.  I’m happy to say that even though I’ve decided I’m not a rooibos enthusiast, this blend was really tasty!

From the website, Rooibos Tropica is a blend of red and green rooibos, peach, strawberry, and rhubarb with rose buds and marigold petals.

It is available from Teavana in the following sizes: 2oz for $5.98, 4oz for $11.96, 8oz for $23.92, 1lb for $47.84, 2lb for $143.52 and 4lb for $239.20.

When I first opened the bag I smelled a strong, sweet fruity smell.  Once brewed it still smelled fruity and tropical.   It tasted sweet – definitely of strawberries and rhubarb, with a bit of the creamy rooibos flavor beneath, but it wasn’t overwhelming. This is another one I can see as a sweet dessert tea, or an iced tea on a hot day.

Drink Me: David’s Tea, Currant Affair

In an effort to try a bunch of different varieties of tea, I selected a rooibos in my last order from David’s Tea named Currant Affair.

From the website, it contains rooibos, sweet blackberry leaves, blackcurrant and cream flavoring.

Currant Affair is available in a variety of sizes: 50g for $6.50, 100g + free tin for $13, 250g + free tin for $32.50 and 500g + free tin for $75.00.

I have to say, when I opened the packet and smelled this tea, I didn’t like it at all. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was I didn’t like about it, but something was not pleasing about it. I was disappointed since I’ve been pretty happy with the other selections from David’s Teas.  Today I tried brewing it and it occurred to me what I disliked.  This particular blend smells disturbingly like cough syrup, both in the package, and as it is brewing.  I don’t know whether it’s the rooibos itself (which I’m finding I don’t really care for) or if it’s the combination of the rooibos with the currant and blackberry.  The taste of the tea is milder and much more berry-like, but I still can’t get over the smell as I’m drinking it. Honestly, I didn’t finish the cup of tea and I’m probably going to toss the packet.

I feel badly for saying any of this, but I’ve decided that the blog shouldn’t just be about the teas I really enjoy, but should include honest reviews of everything I drink.  If you’ve tried this blend and feel differently, please speak up!

Drink Me: David’s Tea, Creme Brulee Rooibos

Another tea that I just couldn’t resist trying from David’s Teas was the Creme Brulee.  From the website it includes organic green and red rooibos tea as well as safflowers, marigold and caramel flavoring.

Creme Brulee is available in a few different sizes: 50g for $7.75, 100g + free tin for $15.50, 250g + free tin for $38.75 and 500g + free tin for $77.50.

When I first opened the bag it smelled deliciously like caramel with a few almost spicy notes. Once brewed I could smell a mellow blend of the green and rooibos teas, and still a tinge of the sweet caramel.  It tasted smooth and sweet, deliciously dessert like.  I can totally picture this being the perfect rainy Sunday tea. And best of all it’s decaf!

Drink Me: Tea Market, Chocolate Mint Rooibos

When I visited the Tea Market, I really wanted to try a Rooibos tea.  One of the options is a Chocolate Mint Rooibos which boasts “a blend of age-defying Rooibos, vanilla, chocolate, mint and apples.”

It was also so pretty!

When I first opened the package I smelled the sweet smell of chocolate and mint, and you can easily see the mint leaves in the mix. I brewed the tea for only two minutes.  Once brewed it had a sweet mint taste. I still got pops of chocolate, but mostly it was a nice mild mint tea.  I bet this would be delicious iced during the summer months!

Since it is a Rooibos, this blend is naturally caffeine free, though I cannot speak to whether some caffeine was added back in with the chocolate flavor.