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Drink Me: David’s Breakfast Tea

A friend recently placed an order with David’s Tea and I couldn’t resist getting a few more to try. I’m always asked about unflavored teas, so I decided to try David’s Breakfast Tea.

From the ingredients list, David’s Breakfast Tea contains organic black tea from India and Nepal.

It comes in multiple increments of 2 oz. for $8.98 per 2 oz.

David's Tea

When I first opened the package I got a bit of a smoky aroma.  I brewed it nice and hot, with just a touch of sugar.  It was definitely smoky, but it was still super smooth and not terribly bitter like some black teas can be.  I enjoyed it with a slice of banana bread and it was a good kick start to my day.


Drink Me: Harney & Sons, Irish Breakfast

Readers and friends often ask if I only drink flavored teas since that seems to be so much of what I review here. The simple answer is that the flavored teas are fun to try, but there’s also nothing like a strong cup of black tea. Today I’m sipping Irish Breakfast tea from Harney & Sons.

From the site, Irish Breakfast is 100% Assam tea.

It is available in a variety of sizes: sample for $2.00, 4oz tin for $6.25, 8oz tin for $11.50 and 1lb bag for $19.00, in addition to boxes and tins of sachets in various amounts.

When I opened the tea it smelled like a smooth mellow Assam.  I brewed and added a bit of sugar. I was impressed by the deep reddish orange color of the brew. The taste was as I expected, rich and strong. I know many of you would love to add milk to this one.  This was a great way to start the day!