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Drink Me: Tea Embassy, Snow Flake

When I placed by last order with Tea Embassy, they slipped in a sample of their Snow Flake tea.

From the website, Snow Flake contains black tea, almonds and coconut rasps.

It is available in a variety of sizes: 1oz for $3.25, 2oz for $6.50, 4oz for $13.00, 8oz for $26.00 and 1lb for $52.00.

I was interested in trying this blend because there is another Snowflake tea that I’m quite fond of and I wanted to see how this one compared.  This one smelled quite good – I got a lot of coconut and almond aroma right away.  Once brewed, the tea was quite smooth with a lot of coconut flavor, but I didn’t get as much of almond flavor as I wanted. The tea was still quite good, and would be a great dessert tea.


Drink Me: Simpson & Vail, Creamy Toasted Coconut Oolong

Another tea I included in my last order from Simpson & Vail was Creamy Toasted Coconut Oolong. I love coconut, and I’m also partial to oolong teas. I find them much mellower than black tea, and I really enjoy them.

From the website Creamy Toasted Coconut Oolong contains: oolong tea, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, organic coconut pieces, flavorings and blue cornflower petals.

Creamy Toasted Coconut Oolong is available in a variety of sizes: 1oz for $2.45, 4oz for $8.45, 8oz for $16.90 and 1lb for $33.80.

When I opened the tea, I could smell the toasted coconut.  Once brewed I could still smell the coconut, but it wasn’t as strong. The tea was really smooth and delicious, with just a hint of the coconut at the end. It was a really delightful mid-afternoon pick-me-up, especially with a cookie I had been hanging onto for tea time. This one will definitely be put into my afternoon rotation!

Drink Me: David’s Tea, Cherry Blossom

I was watching a knitting podcast a few weeks ago (I confess I forget which one it was) and the host mentioned she was drinking some Cherry Blossom tea, a seasonal blend from David’s Tea. I was very curious about this blend, and popped over to David’s Tea and ordered a bag. I can’t say enough good things about their shipping – it came from Canada and was in my hands in just a few days!

From the packaging, the blend contains green and white tea, cherries, coconut, and rosebuds.

It’s available in the following sizes: 50g for $11.75, 100g for $23.50, 250g for $58.75, and 500g for $117.50.

When I first opened the bag it smelled heavenly – I could smell the sour cherry and almost a fruity, heady blossom smell. I could also see whole cherries, big chunks of coconut and rose petals. While brewing I got flashes of white and green tea, and milder smells. The tea itself was very light and refreshing with hints of cherry and coconut. I really enjoyed it hot, but I think it would be excellent iced as well.  I’m so glad I checked this one out and I suspect it will be on my order each spring!

Drink Me: Harney & Sons, Soho Blend

As I said last Friday, a few weeks ago I placed an order for a whole mess of samples from Harney & Sons.   This week I decided to try was their Soho Blend.

From the site, the blend contains black tea, chocolate, coconut and vanilla flavors, and amaranth petals.

It’s available in a variety of sizes: sample for $2.00, 4oz for $8.50, and 1lb for $25.00.

When I first opened the package I admit it reminded me quite a bit of Stash Tea’s Portland Blend.  I got a lot of the chocolate and the flowery scent.  Upon tasting, the flavor wasn’t rosy, but it definitely had a delicate floral note. I don’t think I liked this one as well as some of the other chocolate floral teas I’ve sampled, but it was nice for an afternoon cup.

Drink Me: Distinctly Tea, Almond Cookie Green

Every year my sister goes up to Canada to attend the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. This year she brought me a trio of teas from Distinctly Tea. The first one I decided to try was Almond Cookie Green.

From the label, the blend contains green tea (China sencha), coconut rasps and almond flakes.

It is available in a variety of sizes and prices: 50g for $$6.75, 100g for $13 (Canadian prices), 250g for $31.75 and 500g for $52.75.

When I opened the package I could smell the coconut and almond.  Once brewed it smelled just like an almond cookie.  There was definitely a green tea flavor but it, like all the other flavors, were mild. This was a lovely mid-afternoon treat. I also think it would be sweet iced.

Drink Me: David’s Tea, Buttered Rum

I was all set to present another holiday tea to you today, but when I went to sample it I couldn’t get past the first sip. Definitely not something I wanted to recommend.

So I took stock of my samples, and found one I think could be considered a holiday tea: David’s Tea in the Buttered Rum blend.

I’ve never been a fan of hot buttered rum, but this one contains all the things I love: black tea, coconut, vanilla beans, cornflower petals and butterscotch flavoring.

It’s available in a variety of sizes: 50g for $7.50, 100g + tin for $15.00, 250g + tin for $37.50, and 500g + tin for $75.00.

David’s Tea, Organic Buttered Rum

David’s Tea, Organic Buttered Rum


When I opened the package I mostly smelled vanilla, and I could see huge flakes of coconut. On brewing I got some of the coconut and sweet butterscotch.  This was delicious and I think it would make a great dessert tea, perhaps with a dash of spiced rum?

Drink Me: SerendipiTea, Buccaneer

A few weeks ago a fellow tea drinker gave me a little box from SerendipiTea of their Buccaneer tea.

From the site, the blend contains: apple, cacao beans, chocolate bits, coconut, cream flavor, Indian black tea, Rooibos, vanilla and white chocolate bits.

Buccaneer is available in a variety of sizes: 0.5oz sample bag for $2.50, 1oz tin for $5.00, 4oz box for $10.00 and 1lb bulk bag for $35.00.

I had thought this would be tea bags, but inside a little box was a little bag of tea.  I could smell the cocoa and the chocolate and, unfortunately for me, the Rooibos. I’ve covered in past posts that I’m just not a Rooibos fan. Once it was brewed I could smell a bit of the apple. However I was pleasantly surprised by the blend.  It was creamy, but smooth. I think the black tea mostly masked the Rooibos and I could taste hints of chocolate and coconut. I’m not sure it will be a favorite, but it was nice to try a drink fit for a pirate!

Drink Me: Republic of Tea, Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate

I have several friends who are avid tea drinkers, so we often exchange teas.  A few weeks ago Ana gave me some Republic of Tea Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate and I loved it.

Per the website, the blend contains roasted carob, caramel malted barley, roasted chicory, dates, coconut flavor, cocoa powder and chocolate flavor.

It’s available in a tin of 36 teabags for $10.95 and in bulk (250 teabags) for $46.00.

When I first opened the package I could smell the coconut and the cocoa.  Normally I’m not a fan of chocolate flavored teas because they lack the richness of chocolate and I feel they fall a little flat. However, given that there was cocoa in this tea, I was pleasantly surprised that was not the case. I also LOVED the coconut flavor. This is definitely going on the list as one of my favorite dessert tea flavors.

Drink Me: Teavana, Berry Kiwi Colada

Another tea I received in my last order from Teavana is Berry Kiwi Colada.

From the packaging the blend includes hibiscus flowers, rosehips, kiwi, pear, candied pineapple, candied mango, carrot slices, candied tangerine, apple slices, coconut chips, lemon verbena and strawberry slices.

It is available in multiples of 2oz for $9.98 for each 2oz.

When I first opened the package I could definitely smell the kiwi and the pear. They were fruity and tangy.  One brewed, I got more of the other flavors of the fruit – it smelled more like a tropical fruit punch.  The tea did have a little kick, and was a little spicy or prickly, like the pear flavor would suggest. I really liked this one.

Drink Me: Teavana, Marshmallow Macaroon

I finally gave in last week and went and looked at the Teavana site. I had resisted before now because I had made one trip into their store and was really put off by the attitude of the sales people.  However, I had enjoyed the samples I have tried and I was super curious about their rock sugar, so I decided to browse the site. Many, many delicious things jumped into my cart.

Today’s selection is Marshmallow Macaroon.  From the package the ingredients include: apple cubes, candied papaya, raisins, hibiscus flowers, toasted coconut chips, marshmallow minis, orange slices, pink rosebuds, marigold petals and pink rose petals.

The tea is available in multiples of 2 oz for $7.98.

When I opened the package all I could smell was the delicious sweet marshmallows – I would have known instantly what this tea was just by the smell.   As it was brewing, I also smelled the citrus.  Once brewed, it was sweet and a little tart. The hibiscus and citrus really balanced the marshmallow sweetness.  This was delicious and desserty – a real afternoon treat.