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Teaccessories: Moon Glass

This week there was a supermoon full lunar eclipse, the last of which occurred 33 years ago.

It was fitting then, that I found out about Moon Glass by Tale this week.

Moon Glass, That’s Nerdalicious

These awesome cups let you mimic the phases of the moon with a simple pour.

Moon Glass, Take, $24-$30


Knittea: Anna Wright

A few days ago Ysolda published a post about Anna Wright showing her wonderful Knitting Circle design and I was smitten. I immediately ordered the teacup.

The Knitty Circle, Anna Wright, £12.50


Be sure to check out Ysolda’s post for a coupon code!

Teaccessories – Greengate Crockery

I just adore some of the designs of Greengate Crockery available at The Oak Tree and Acorn Company.

Greengate Beige Spot Teapot, The Oak Tree & Acorn Company, £38.00

Greengate Ivy Tea Bag Holder, The Oak Tree & Acorn Company, £6.50

Greengate Sophie Vintage Teapot Round, The Oak Tree & Acorn Company, £40.00

Greengate Fay Red Teacup, The Oak Tree & Acorn Company, £13.50

Tea & Jewelry

Last week I posted a few of my favorite knit jewelry pieces so this week’s pieces are all related to tea!

By far my favorite are the teaspoon rings and bracelets at Dank Artistry.

April Sunflower, Dank Artistry, $22.00

Small Spoon Bracelet, Daffodils, Dank Artistry, $27.00

I also love these earrings from Amber by Graciana on Amazon:

Sterling Silver Amber Tea Kettle earrings, Amber by Graciana via Amazon, $25.00


And if you’re looking for a touch of whimsy, I love this happy teacup necklace by Mary Mary Handmade:

Happy Teacup Necklace, Mary Mary Handmade, $44.00

Teacessories: Knitted Ceramic Teapots

I’ve already had several questions about the teapot in my header so I thought I’d give you some details today.

This teapot was a gift from my aunt several years ago. I haven’t actually used it to serve myself tea – instead I use it more as decor. I just love it though.

Now for the sad news. I researched where one could buy this teapot and it turns out that it was made by Department 56 and was part of their 2008 Christmas Collection (Winter Mountain), which was discontinued in 2009, so it is no longer available.  It looks like they occasionally come up for auction on eBay or other places, and if you’re really on the hunt for one you could keep an eye on the item at  For those who wish to hunt it was listed as item number 796772, Teapot and Lid.

In my search for the details on my teapot I found a couple of other suitable candidates at decent price points.

I like the Wee Aran Teapot from Shop Irish for $14.99.

Wee Aran Teapot,, $14.99

I also found a teapot at Classic Coffee & Tea by Yedi that comes in red, white or blue for $39.99:

Teapot, Classic Coffee & Tea by Yedi, Sweater Collection, $49.99

Actually Yedi has a whole “Sweater Collection” of items including this fun set of 6 mugs for $49.99.

Set of 6 Mugs, Classic Coffee & Tea by Yedi, Sweater Collection, $49.99

I also found this adorable Knit & Pearl collection from Water Lane Gifts:

Knit & Pearl Tea Set, Water Lane Gifts, Teapot £17.99