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Craftea: DIY Tea Tags

I was looking for fun things to share with you and came across this great post about DIY teabag tags.

Take a look at the post for details on how to find small charms and bits to use as tea tags!


Craftea: Tea Bag Artist Ruby Silvious

This weekend a friend sent me a link to Ruby Silvious, an artist who is doing a project called 363 Days of Tea.  Each day Ms. Silvious does an illustration on a used teabag.

Tea bag art, Ruby Silvious

You can follow the project at Ms. Silvious’ Instagram account.

Craftea: Christmas Decor

Are you feeling crafty and in need of some holiday decor?

I’ve been drooling over the yarn ball wreaths that are posted on Pinterest and I found this great tutorial at Cherished Bliss:


Yarn Ball Wreath DIY Tutorial, Cherished Bliss

A few others that caught my eye…

Jill Bauer, QVC Community

Christmas Yarn Ball Wreath, made by Whimsysworkshop on Etsy


Not feeling knitty? How about a tea wreath? You can use this tutorial from Kojo Designs:

DIY Tea Wreath from Kojo Designs

DIY Tea Wreath by Kojo Designs


Teaccessories: Go fish.

I couldn’t resist these adorable goldfish tea bags:

Goldfish Teabag, Charmvilla


Goldfish Teabag, Charmvilla

Tea and Cookies: Tea Bag Cookies

A while ago I was playing around on Pinterest and I came across these delightful Tea Bag Cookies from Le Petrin.

Tea Bag Cookies (recipe), Le Petrin

Sadly the site is in French, so you’ll need some help from Google translate or you’ll have to get creative. There are a few photo tutorials, so maybe you can find your favorite shortbread recipe and get baking? Then brew a cup of your favorite tea and enjoy!

Teacessories: 27 Items All Tea Lovers Need

Several friends recently sent me a link to the Buzzfeed article “27 Items All Tea Lovers Need in Their Lives.”¬† I won’t repost the whole list here, but these were a few of my favorite items:

#17 A Mug with a Cookie Container

Lenny Mud, Panda Cookie Dunk Mug, $20.00


#22 Sugar Lace Doilies

Sweet Deja Vu, Edible Rosettes, $19.20 for a set of 12


#23 Origami Tea Bags

Figured Tea Bags by Natalie Ponomareva, $29 for a box of 25 tea bags