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Review: Lazadas Multi-Purpose Project Caddy

When Stitchcraft Marketing contacted me and offered me a choice of accessories from Lazadas, I opted to try the Multi-Purpose Project Caddy.

Lazadas is an Israeli company, started by a knitter who wasn’t happy with the tools she was finding.  So she set out to design her own.

Lazadus Multi-purpose project caddy

The Multi-Purpose Project Caddy functions both as a project bag and a yarn bowl.  Opened, the caddy can hold several skeins of yarn (or just one big skein of yarn!) like a yarn bowl.

Lazadus Multi-purpose project caddy

When you’re ready to transport your project, or just stow it away for safe keeping, slip the handle through the slit on the opposite side and you have an easy carrying case for your knitting.

Lazadus Multi-purpose project caddy

The caddy comes in three jeweled tones: Electric Violet (shown here), Spring Teal and Hot Pink.  It is made out of lightweight flexible silicon.  A lot of attention has been show to detail – there are knitting graphics everywhere, and my favorite part are the holes on the sides that are super useful for any stranded knitting projects you might create.

Lazadus Multi-purpose project caddy

Lazadus Multi-purpose project caddy

Overall, I really like this tool and it will be sitting next to me on the couch for many of my upcoming projects.  Lazadas also sells flexible blocking wires, if you’re interested in additional accessories.  If you’re looking for retailers around the globe, you can find them here.

A special thank you to Stitchcraft Marketing and the folks at Lazadas who sent me the Multi-Purpose Project Caddy (retail: $49) for free. I received no other compensation for this review. All opinions and photos are my own.


Crafty – Yarn Bowls

Given my love of knitting and mugs of tea, I feel a natural extension is to love yarn bowls. A yarn bowl is useful to keep your cake or ball of yarn corralled when you’re working on a project.  There are so many yarn bowls out there; these are just a few:

Starlight Knitting Society, Ceramic Yarn Bowl, $55

Furls Wooden Yarn Bowl, $29.99


Pawley Studios Yarn Bowls – Stripes, $30-$50

And finally if you want something a little more reflective of your geeky interests check out Lenny Mud’s fandom bowls. This one is my favorite:

Lenny Mud, Game of Thrones Yarn Bowl, $32.00

Teapots & Knitting

I stumbled across this photo on Facebook last week and my mind immediately raced with possibilities. Tea and knitting all in one!  Of course one needs a second teapot to brew the tea.


Re-purposing a teapot as a yarn bowl, Photo courtesy of Duchess County Fairgrounds