Teaccessories: Mandala

I don’t know what it is about mandalas, but they never fail to catch my eye. Is it that they are geometrically appealing, almost like a kaleidoscope? Or is it the rich colors? Here they can bring peace and beauty to tea time:

Mandala, Society6, $15


Handpainted Mandala Mug, EgleMANDALdesign, $28.69


Lotus Mandala Mug, Morning Chat Mugs, $25


About thestashbuckler

I'm a 30-something California girl recently transplanted to the Midwest, where at least I have a good excuse for the enormous amounts of stash Yarrrrrrrrrn that I seem to have accumulated. I have a wonderful husband (who has hobbies and collections of his own) and a fabulous group of knitting mateys. Join me as I fumble through life and knitting!

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  1. These are absolutely stunning!! I myself have a mandala weak spot!

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