TDF 2016: Week 2 Recap

I left off last week on my plying adventure.  On day 8, I plied the Wooly Wonka Fibers and the Fat Cat Knits.

Bazinga! came out to 4.2 oz and 327 yds and is available in my shop.

The Smoke was 2 oz and came out to 143 yds.

Next up on the wheel, on day 9, was a Southern Cross Fibre braid in Falkland/Alpaca/Silk called Cavern – this was a luscious braid to spin and spun very thin.

On day 10, I started on some Moorit Shetland from the sampler pack.

Day 11 was for plying and finishing the skein of Cavern.

Cavern came out to be 3.6 oz and 402 yards. This one is also in my shop.

Wednesday, day 12, I broke my own rule about rest days and plied the Moorit. It came out to 2.2 oz and 160 yards overall.

Thursday I started on a new braid. This one is from Owl About Yarn and is a Polwarth/Merino blend in the Velvet Waistcoat colorway.

Friday was finishing the Velvet Waistcoat singles, and Saturday was for plying!

Another week done and another 9.2 oz spun this week bringing my total to 21.6 oz or well over a pound. I’m still hoping to get 1-2 more naturals spun and maybe eke out 1-2 more dyed braids. Onward!

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1 thought on “TDF 2016: Week 2 Recap

  1. Such pretty yarns & fibers!

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